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Guest Information

Guest Information

Golf Guest Policies

General Rules

1. No guest may use the facilities of the Club without being accompanied by his or her host except as noted in the rules for house guests.

2. Members must ensure that their guests conform to the written dress code and members are responsible for the conduct of their guests. Golf Guests (Class A & Social with Weekday Golf Members)

Local Resident Any person who lives within a 50-mile radius of the Club is considered a local resident and may not be a golf guest more than once a month during the golf season. No local guests are allowed on weekends or holidays. No member may bring the same local guest to play golf or to use the golf driving range or any part of the golf course more than once in a calendar month.

A non-local house guest is a person who lives beyond a 50-mile radius of the club and who is staying for a limited time at the home of the host member. A non-local house guest may use the Club’s golf facilities for a continuous period of seven days upon payment of daily greens fees or by purchasing a house guest membership card. 

Dress Code

Dress Code 
The following Dress Code applies to members, guests, and children age 11 years or older. Younger children are to be dressed in a manner age appropriate and to the occasion. Members are responsible for informing their families and guests of the dress code and for ensuring compliance. These rules may be revised for special club events.

When dining in the Grill Room, Patio, Pub or Covered Terrace: 
   • Men must wear collared shirts.  
   • Shirts must be tucked in at all times unless tailored for outside wear.
   • Jeans must be neat, well fitted and not patched, frayed, or bleached.
   • Golf and tennis attire are allowed if they meet these dress code standards.
   • Golf or baseball cap style hats may be worn bill forward while in the Pub, the Patio and the Covered Terrace.
   • Children age 10 years or younger may wear t-shirts.
   • Monday through Saturday, children may wear team issued uniforms, provided they are clean, dry, and appropriately fitted.
   • All members and guests must be 18 years or older on Friday’s after 5:00 p.m. to utilize the Pub.

When dining in the Private Dining Room, the Grill Room rules apply with these additional guidelines:
   • No jeans.
   • No team uniforms or t-shirts.
   • These rules may be relaxed if Grill Room & Pub are full and Private Dining Room is needed for casual dining.

The following are expressly prohibited in all Clubhouse Dining Areas:
   • T-Shirts (except for children age 10 and under), gym shorts, short shorts, cut- off shorts and midriff-baring apparel.
   • Swimsuits and bare feet.
   • Overalls, painters, or pajama style pants.
   • Bedroom shoes.
   • Any clothing that is ripped, soiled, or has holes.

These guidelines will be available for review at the hostess stand.  If there are any questions or concerns, the Food and Beverage Manager or the Assistant Manager should be consulted.   Management has the authority to ask a member or guest to leave if they are not dressed in accordance with this policy. 

Enforcement of Rules and Regulations - The Food & Beverage Manager or his designated representative has full authority and responsibility to enforce all rules and regulations concerning the use of the clubhouse and clubhouse facilities and to prohibit any improper conduct by members and their guests. Repeated violations of the rules must be reported to the Board of Governors with recommendations for appropriate disciplinary action.



Prior to or after play, golf carts may be used within the Club parking lots to transfer member or guest owned golf equipment from or to privately owned vehicles.  Please be careful while driving any vehicles in our parking lots.